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Online course Dispute resolution between shareholders

Choosing the right procedure for shareholder disputes in 2024

There are various types of procedures for shareholder disputes. How do you choose the most appropriate procedure to protect a shareholder’s rights?

The lecturer will discuss in detail the various aspects of these procedures. What are the pros and cons, and where do the procedures overlap? In particular, he will discuss inquiry proceedings and the proposed new legislation on dispute resolution. He will also discuss several relevant judgments on due diligence obligations towards minority shareholders. What is the scope of the due diligence obligations under Article 2:8 of the Dutch Civil Code? The lecturer will apply legal doctrine and recent insights in case law to specific cases.

After the course, you will have an understanding of the various procedures, the impact of proposed new legislation and key judgements on the duty of care.

This course is part of the Commercial Law programme.

The course covers the following questions:

  • What types of procedures are there for shareholder disputes?
  • What are the pros and cons of these procedures?
  • What claims may be brought?
  • What powers does the Enterprise Chamber have to intervene?
  • What can a shareholder do if they have a fundamental disagreement with another shareholder about the direction of the company?
  • What can a minority shareholder do when a majority shareholder abuses their position?
  • What are the options if a dispute within the company makes it difficult to obtain emergency funding?
  • How can shareholders be forced apart if the relationship between them has irretrievably broken down?


  • Mr. Bart Jan Hermans

    Lawyer at Florent B.V.


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