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International Tax Disputes

With globalization of businesses and expansion of countries’ tax treaty networks over recent years, international tax disputes have substantially increased, both in numbers, complexity and financial interests at stake.

Obviously, an internationally convergent solution to an international tax dispute is much more efficient and therefore preferable than a unilateral, domestic solution like for instance domestic court litigation. Such international solutions, however, are not always available or easily accessible, and often lack transparency, while successful finalization may not be guaranteed. This presents a serious and unwanted empediment to tax certainty for investors, and hence for economic growth, locally and globally.

For this reason, authorities, both bilaterally and at the level of international organizations, OECD and the EU, are putting a lot of effort in improving accessibility and efficiency of the international instruments presently available for international tax dispute resolution and prevention – mutual agreement procedure (MAP), advance pricing arrangement (APA), mandatory arbitration. At the same time, they are contemplating new, innovative approaches – international collaborative approaches, joint risk assessments and voluntary compliance, joint auditing.

This course will focus in particular on such items as:

Origin of tax disputes

  • Tax treaties
  • BEPS/Anti-avoidance rules
  • EU rules
  • Political dimensions

Tax dispute resolution and prevention

  • Efficient MAP procedures
  • Mediation/Facilitation/Conciliation/Collaborative approaches
  • ICAP pilot project and joint auditing
  • MLI arbitration procedure
  • EU Directive on Tax Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
  • Tax payer rights/participation in the process
  • Possible role of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague


12.00 uur: Ontvangst met koffie, thee en broodjes
12.30 uur: College
14.30 uur: Pauze
14.45 uur: College
16.45 uur: Einde


  • Mr. H. (Hans) Mooij

    Hans Mooij International Tax Consultant the Hague, visiting professor International Tax Center Leiden and University of Amsterdam, chairman TRIBUTE Foundation for international tax dispute resolution.


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