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Communicating in Legal English

Maandag 10 en 17 december 2018 van 12.30 tot 16.45 uur, te Leiden
8 PO N

English is becoming increasingly important as a medium of communication for Dutch lawyers. Attorneys-at-law may need to advise foreign clients or communicate with colleagues from abroad. Court public relations’ officers may need to explain the court’s judgment to the international press. And legal academics increasingly find themselves having to teach their specialization in English.

This two-day Legal English course is intended for judges, attorneys-at-law, civil-law notaries and legal academics who would like to be able to communicate with their international contacts with more ease and self-confidence.

In the first workshop, you will learn those language functions most needed by Dutch lawyers: explaining legal substance and procedure, giving advice, negotiating, agreeing and disagreeing. We will address the most important pitfalls in English pronunciation. And we’ll make sure that you have legally “safe” English translations for the Dutch terms that you need in your everyday practice.

In the second workshop, you will put what you have learnt in the first workshop into practice in a number of short presentations and role-playing activities. In addition, you’ll be given some pointers on how to write effective letters and e-mail.


12.00-12.30 uur Ontvangst met koffie, thee en broodjes
12.30-14.30 uur College
14.30-14.45 uur Pauze
14.45-16.45 uur College



  • Mr. drs. A.A. Foster

    docent aan de Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen, Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL) Opleiding Engelse taal en cultuur.

  • M.M.M.A.Lemmen

    MA, Researcher juridische taalkunde en juridisch vertaler


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